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RT @ciprinside: All You Need To Know About Internal Communication http://t.co/qWOXOVtSgi w/ @LiamFitz via @HolmesReport

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All You Need To Know About Internal Communication http://t.co/qWOXOVtSgi w/ @LiamFitz via @HolmesReport

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The Global War for PR Talent. World Report | Talent #worldPRreport via @holmesreport & @iccopr http://t.co/BU444AF4oT via @sharethis

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"@ArunSudhaman: Big new digital role for @DannyWhatmough at Weber Shandwick http://t.co/agX0s0QmUo" Congrats Danny!

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Cannes 2014: PR's Battle For Marketing Relevance

 Anita Tuppen, 20 Aug 2014

Not sure if these people want money off me to fund an advertisig campaign for an idae ive come up with or they want to fund it and take a percentige if ...

Global Comms Head Scott Sykes Departs Huawei

 TheNewBalance, 15 Aug 2014

Another western one finds out the Chinese dragon is a mysterious and painful master to serve and that there's no such thing as honor amongst thieves.

Are We Shattering The Glass Ceiling For Lesbian/Gay Communications Professionals?

 David Landis, 11 Aug 2014

Fred - wonderful comments and I can't believe I didn't see them until a year later. Besides which, since you're in San Francisco, I can't believe our ...

Rick Gould Re-Launches Independent Financial Services Firm

 Todd Defren, 11 Aug 2014

Rick has my highest recommendation. Good luck, friend!

 donbates, 09 Aug 2014

Rick is also an attorney, which makes him a strong one-two punch for any kind of merger or acquisition, and a great source of comfort for both buyer an ...

Michael Law Succeeds Dave DenHerder as Burson's US CEO

 Mark Stouse, 31 Jul 2014

Congratulations, Michael! They made the right choice!

Communicating Climate Initiatives Will Have Multiple Sound Impacts For Businesses

 S Graves, 30 Jul 2014

There is no citation in your original claims. I just asked questions. So your position is that you get to make wild anti science claims and then, whe ...

 CB, 29 Jul 2014

There is no citation in your post. Without a citation, you give people no reason to believe you.

Here is peer-reviewed evidence polar ice caps persiste ...

 S Graves, 29 Jul 2014

Cite a single peer reviewed work that actually PREDICTS what you wildly claim about 75 meters of SLR and billions drowning. Oh...yeah...there aren't a ...

 CB, 29 Jul 2014

Science is never 100% certain of anything.

Now, how certain are you there won't be a crisis?

If we haven't set the world on a course toward total polar m ...

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