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'Communications Is About Being Human'

Greylock's Elisa Schreiber

Elisa Schreiber joined Greylock Partners as VP of marketing in January 2014, coming from digital entertainment giant Hulu.

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'Social Enterprise Can Reform Our Reputation'

Matt Young

Lloyds Banking Group corporate affairs director Matt Young believes a commitment to social enterprise can help the bank rebuild its reputation.

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Mobile First

Tencent's SY Lau

Tencent's online media president believes that the rise of WeChat demonstrates how marketing must change in the mobile era.

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'Social Good'

Dan Moriarty

Dan Moriarty’s, director of digital strategy at Hyatt Hotels, philosophy around social business involves rewarding the good.

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Net Promoter

Andre Manning

Philips communications chief Andre Manning has emerged as one of the most eloquent advocates for a more cohesive PR measurement system.

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Reputation Revival

HSBC's Pierre Goad

HSBC co-head of group communications Pierre Goad believes that some banks are tackling reputation issues much better than others.

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Zen Master

Twitter's Gabriel Stricker

For Twitter's Gabriel Stricker the decision to keep the PR around its IPO in-house is an extension of a philosophy that underpins the team he’s built.

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Intelligent Design

Mattias Rådström

Electrolux's VP of social media and PR is seeing strong returns from a smart design-focused content initiative.

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Billion-Dollar Brand

Roll Global's Rob Six

Rob Six oversees PR at Roll Global, a billion-dollar consumer holding company that you’ve probably never heard of.

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Challenger Brand

Nokia's Susan Sheehan

Nokia's comms head is hoping that a more humble, underdog mentality will help return the mobile giant to a position of dominance.

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Brazil's Moment

Paulo Marinho

The head of corporate communications at Itaú Unibanco discusses the challenges of taking a Brazilian brand global.

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The Sales Vehicle

Visage's Neil Cohen

Neil Cohen, VP of marketing at Visage, is using content to help the mobility solutions company close deals.

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Untold Story

Arrow's Richard Kylberg

Arrow's corporate comms chief is determined to give the $21bn electronics company a stronger identity.

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Tearing It Down, Building It Up

Ken Shuman

Trulia's PR head Ken Truman explains how he built a breaking news organizations within a corporate blog -- all while bringing comms in-house.

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Great Expectations

APP's Aida Greenbury

Asia Pulp and Paper's public relations head discusses how NGO engagement resulted in the company's landmark pledge to halt deforestation.

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Soft Power Play

VTB Capital's Olga Podoinitsyna

VTB Capital’s global head of marketing and communications discusses how the bank’s ‘soft power’ approach is changing perceptions of Russia.

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Prepare For Lift Off

Rocket Internet's Andreas Winiarski

At Rocket Internet, Andreas Winiarski must attempt to improve perceptions of a company that is often criticised for lacking transparency.

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Business, Not Personal

Avaya's Stacey Torman

Torman discusses the benefits of an old-school approach and why The Karate Kid and The Godfather are the two most important movies for comms pros.

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Tokyo Rising

Uniqlo's Aldo Liguori

Aldo Liguori is determined to build a stronger narrative for a Japanese company that is now the world’s fourth-largest apparel retailer.

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“We are looking to surprise people”

Telefónica Digital’s David Nicholas

The Telefónica Digital comms chief wants to transform perceptions of his massive Spanish parent company.

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Growing Pains

Better Place's Joe Paluska

Joe Paluska traded in a successful agency career to become VP of global communications and policy at Better Place in 2008.

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Change Agent

ITT's Jenny Schiavone

ITT last year opted to split into three separate companies, a process that posed a communications challenge of considerable complexity to CCO Jenny Sc

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"The barrier of fear has been broken"

Google MENA's Maha Abouelenein

Maha Abouelenein discusses Google’s role in the Arab Spring, and explains how social media is transforming political communication in the Middle East.

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Reality Bites

Vedanta's Senjam Raj Sekhar

Can a new social media campaign rehabilitate Vedanta Resources' reputation?

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New Agency, New Strategy

Gillette's Damon Jones

Gillette's comms director explains his decision to switch agencies and says the PR industry struggles with the challenge of being "brand strategists".

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The Case For Corporate Affairs

Kraft's Perry Yeatman

Perry Yeatman’s experience at Kraft is a signal reminder of the potency of a strategic, overarching public relations vision.

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Lessons From The Cargill Recall

Mike Fernandez

There are no excuses for a poor crisis response, says Cargill's Mike Fernandez amid the second-biggest meat recall in US history.

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"Hoteliers often ask us to re-evaluate reviews"

Hotels.com's Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole is director of public relations and social media at Hotels.com, the Expedia website that recently launched a major new marketing campaign.

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Singapore Airlines’ Social Media Debut

Nicholas Ionides

After facing a backlash from its website relaunch earlier this year, Singapore Airlines has finally decided to dip its toes into social media.

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"Storage is sexy"

NetApp's Jodi Baumann

As senior director of corporate communications at NetApp, Jodi Baumann is charged with - in her own words - “making storage sexy”.

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What Does Engagement Mean?

Fast Company's Christine Osekoski

Christine Osekoski is publisher of Fast Company, the business magazine that focuses on innovation.

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“You don’t wake up and become intercultural.”

GE's Frank Farnel

One of Europe's most experienced practitioners explains why local politics is more important than ever and where agencies need to improve.

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The Singapore Inc Specialist

Temasek's Stephen Forshaw

As head of communications at Singapore-owned investment firm Temasek, Stephen Forshaw takes on one of Asia’s toughest PR assignments.

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“Local communities want respect”

Sergio Giacomo

Sergio Giacomo is communications chief of Brazilian mining giant Vale, dubbed the “biggest company you have never heard of” by The Economist.

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“The topic of Microsoft vs Google is irresistible”

Frank X. Shaw

As corporate VP of corporate communications at Microsoft, Frank X. Shaw has one of the biggest PR jobs on the planet.

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I Felt Like a Fish Out of Water at Microsoft

Simon Sproule

Simon Sproule stunned the PR world when he departed his role as Microsoft’s global comms chief after just five months, and returned to Renault-Nissan.

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Oil Industry Communications Became "Surrealistic"

Bjorn Edlund

The former Shell communications chief acknowledges that the oil industry got ahead of itself in communicating its commitment to renewables and sees BP

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10 Questions for Philip Dewhurst of Gazprom

Paul Holmes

I am attracted to industries where I think professional communications can make a difference, and this was certainly the case in n nuclear, where we s

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10 Questions for Bjorn Edlund of Shell

Paul Holmes

"From late 1995 Shell reinvented its philosophy and praxis for external relations with a single-minded determination to learn from these experiences a

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